Who We Are

Who We Are

Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens is a Kansas City-based group founded in 1967. We have authors published by major trade houses, as well as those whose desire is simply to engage in creative expression. We critique one another’s manuscripts, share knowledge of the querying process, the challenge of finding an agent, the experience of working with editors, our understanding of the market, and the books we love. We are committed to craft and the support of fellow writers.

Our tradition began over forty years ago when Edgar Wolfe Literary Award winner Wilma Yeo began teaching the Kansas City Juvenile Writer’s Group. She continued as mentor until 1990, four years before her death. The foundation she built thrives today under the new name adopted in 2009: Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens.

Our flagship Wednesday morning critique group is open to all writers of children’s literature. Satellite groups meet at other times and venues. As a group, we¬†share our struggles, celebrate our successes, and laugh. As Wilma Yeo once said, “a pinch of humor added to a truth sometimes makes wisdom.”

So have a look around. Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens welcomes new faces while honoring time-tested traditions. That’s the heart of who we are.

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    I am trying to get information on the Wednesday morning meetings but the email is no good. Is there a way to contact your organization?

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