Bailey, Jenn

Jenn Bailey is a native Rhode Islander so she actually knows what people mean when they say “As big as 3 Rhode Islands.” Jenn graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film and Broadcasting with an emphasis in screenwriting. Jenn teaches social media to writers and has spoken at SCBWI’s national conferences as well as regional events. Jenn is also the editor of the Kansas SCBWI newsletter – In The Wind. She is always looking for good content and you can submit at

Stories & poems in print

A Quilter’s Craft – The Patchwork Press
Various articles

Author visits:

I speak on Social Media – training workshops, theory presentations and hands-on boot camps.

Sweet Tweets – All about Twitter
Friend your Facebook
YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn – Why they matter
Social Media 101
The Power of Blogging
The Real Deal on Viral Marketing and Promotion

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“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” –Italo Calvino
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