Cindrich, Lisa

Lisa Cindrich is the author of the upper middle-grade historical novel IN THE SHADOW OF THE PALI: A STORY OF THE HAWAIIAN LEPER COLONY (Putnam, 2002) and has also published poetry and fiction for adults in The Nation, The Florida Review, and other journals. After many years working as a reference librarian, she’s now at home with a toddler and writing whenever she can!

Current projects include an upper middle-grade supernatural novel, a picture book about mutts and another picture book about a young witch’s Christmas adventure. She has also cowritten and is marketing an adult novel of suspense set in a dystopian future United States.


In the Shadow of the Pali:
A Story of the Hawaiian Leper Colony

“In this place there is no law.” Those words greet 12-year-old Liliha when she lands at the newly-established leper colony on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. How will Liliha survive the chaos, hunger, and despair that destroy so many of her fellow exiles?
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