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Kennaley, Lucinda Hedrick

Cindi’s currently living in a small Middle Eastern country where she’s researching folk tales and oral history while procrastinating her way through her first book. Stateside, her stories and articles have appeared in print and online publications including Stories for Children, KidzWonder, Nature Friend, and homeschooling and parenting magazines. Upcoming stories are scheduled to appear in Highlights High Five, Humpty Dumpty and Stories for Children, with sold tales awaiting publication dates at Highlights for Children.

Cindi’s a busy blogger and former copywriter and has written two books for young children. She’s an SCBWI member, graduate of the Institute for Children’s Literature and a student of HWKT’s amazing, accomplished, widely renown Wednesday morning critique group. Visit Cindi online at http://www.kennaley.com.

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“It does not seem to me that I have the right to foist a story on people, most of whom are children who should be learning all the time, unless I am learning from it too.” –Diana Wynne Jones
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