Hermansson, Casie

Hermansson, Casie

Casie Hermansson teaches English at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas (just a tad south of KC!). Her PhD is from the University of Toronto.

She loves to write, and is currently polishing a MG manuscript, and working on two YA novels that compete for her attention.

Books published:

Title: Bluebeard: A Reader’s Guide to the English Tradition
Summary: An academic survey of 300 years of this grisliest of fairy tales in our very own Anglo-American traditions, from folk- and fairy tale through art, music, drama, chapbooks both for children and for adults. University Press of Mississippi (2009).

Title: Feminist Intertextuality Through Bluebeard Stories
Summary: A look at how twentieth century women’s writers rewrote theory from the inside-out by using the Bluebeard fairy tale. Edwin Mellen Press (2001).

Stories & poems in print:

“Monty is from Mars.” Explore Magazine (Pearson, Australia, April 2010).
“The Dirtiest Jobs [of the Middle Ages].” AppleSeeds (September 2010).
“What’s in a Name? The Story of Dr. Frankenstein’s Creature.” Faces (October 2010).

Author visits:

Year round, school days!

“Once upon a time… The end.” How to grow the middle of a story!

Problems, problems, problems. How to use problems and solutions in your stories!

Audience: Elementary

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