Whitehead, Jenny

Whitehead, Jenny

Jenny Whitehead is the author/illustrator of Lunch Box Mail (2001—a collection of poems from a child’s point of view), Holiday Stew (2007—poems based on holidays and seasons) and illustrator of Punctuation Celebration (2009—poems about punctuation marks written by Elsa Knight Bruno). She enjoys writing poetry, stories, and young adult fiction. Her artwork style involves painting and collage, layering cut paper and tissue paper.  Her website is www.jennywhitehead.com.

Jenny studied art at Miami University in Ohio (beginning with a portfolio of doodles!).  She designed wallpaper for a year and then was hired by Hallmark Cards to be an art director, working there for seven years.  She loves to visit schools and talk to kids about creativity, art and writing poetry.  Jenny’s husband, Pete, is a humorous illustrator at Hallmark.  Her kids Bailey (14) and Chelsea (9) also love to paint and draw.

Side note:  Jenny also goes by the name WasherWoman on Etsy and at art fairs where she sells designed washer pendants.


Buy Jenny’s books at Amazon or Indiebound.

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